2017 Christmas Weekly YouTube Video Collaboration

Do you love everything about Christmas? Are you blogger, vlogger, or want to try vlogging? Share your love of Christmas by joining in with our weekly video collaboration on Christmas Magic YouTube Channel. Every Monday there will be a NEW collaboration video with a new Christmas topic as we countdown to Christmas Day 2017!

Christmas Magic Weekly Video Collaboration

No formal vlogging training required! Just film yourself on camera or mobile phone (landscape please) answering one or multiple of the questions below!



  • 20 collaborator spaces available each week so film your favourite topics first or asap
  • Please film a quick introduction at the start of video with your Name, Blog Title, or YouTube Channel information
  • Please keep answer to each question no longer than 90 seconds
  • Deadline for video clips submission is midnight on Wednesday before video goes “live” on Monday
  • Answer 1 questions per video or why not film a month or two of answers (no editing required)
  • Please use WeTransfer (free) at https://wetransfer.com or download WeTransfer App. Send video to ChristmasMagicToday@gmail.com
  • In WeTransfer message box, please provide Your Name, details of question(s) answered, social media accounts, blog or YouTube url if applicable.
  • Have fun! Why not wear your favourite Christmas sweater or have the children decorate your filming background with festive decor.


WEEK 1: “What Do You Love Most About Christmas?” http://bit.ly/Week1Xmas2017

WEEK 2: “Do You Peek at Your Presents or Do You Love to be Surprised?” http://bit.ly/Week2Xmas2017 

WEEK 3: “Are You a Pro Wrapper or Do You Fail Miserably?”  http://bit.ly/Week3Xmas2017

WEEK 4: “Do You Like To Stay in Your PJs Or Dress Up For Christmas Day?” http://bit.ly/Week4Xmas2017x

WEEK 5: “When Do You Start Getting Excited for Christmas?” http://bit.ly/Week5Xmas2017

WEEK 6: “Open Presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?” http://bit.ly/Week6Xmas2017

WEEK 7: “Where Do You Spend your Christmas Day?” Published: Monday, June 19th http://bit.ly/Week7Xmas2017

WEEK 8: “What is your Dream Destination for Christmas?” http://bit.ly/Week8Xmas2017

WEEK 9: “A Christmas Wish?” http://bit.ly/Week9Xmax2017

WEEK 10: “Favourite Christmas Colour(s)?” http://bit.ly/Week10Xmas2017


WEEK 11: “Pictures with Santa? Favourite Place for Santa Visit?” (Deadline: Friday, October 20th / Published: Monday, October 23rd)

WEEK 12: Do You Use an Advent Calendar(s)? (Deadline: Wednesday, October 25th / Published: Monday, October 30th)

WEEK 13: Favourite Christmas Food or Treat? (Deadline: Wednesday, November 1st / Published: Monday, November 6th)

WEEK 14: Real or Artificial Christmas Tree? Why? (Deadline: Wednesday, November 8th / Published: Monday, November 13th)

WEEK 15: Favourite Christmas Pudding Recipe?” (link to recipe welcomed) (Deadline: Wednesday, November 15th / Published: Monday, November 20th)

WEEK 16: When Do You Put Up Your Christmas Tree and Who Decorates It? (Deadline: Wednesday, November 22nd / Published: Monday, November 27th)

WEEK 17: Favourite Christmas Decoration?” (close-up photo welcomed) (Deadline: Wednesday, November 29th / Published: Monday, December 4th)

WEEK 18: “Favourite Christmas Jumper?” (Jumper Day – Dec 13th) (Deadline: Wednesday, December 6th / Published: Monday, December 11th)

WEEK 19: “Christmas Eve/Christmas Day Traditions?” (Deadline: Wednesday, December 13th / Published: Monday, December 18th)

WEEK 20: “Christmas Wishes from Your Family” (Deadline: Monday, December 18th / Published: Monday, December 25th)


  1. Try filming facing a window. (Please careful of shadows or streaks of bright sunshine shining across face)
  2. Always look at camera/phone lens not screen on phone or camera.
  3. Think about what is around and behind you. (Yes, I film in the cleanest corner of my house.)
  4. Be aware of background noise or wind if filming outside.
  5. Welcomed to get children, pets or partners involved.

Please send me questions to ChristmasMagicToday@gmail.com
Happy Filming! Thank you for joining in!

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