My Christmas Tree: Victoria of Lylia Rose

My Christmas Tree with Lylia Rose

Victoria of Lylia Rose is sharing with us her beautiful 2016 Christmas Tree. She runs her blog along side her ladies fashion accessories shop.

Real or Artificial Tree

Both! I love real trees, but I feel a bit mean chopping them down, so we have an artificial tree.

My Christmas Tree Style

It’s super bushy with pine cones and berries. I decorated it in minimal red decorations and wooden decorations this year to keep it very natural looking. It has fairy lights too, of course!

My Tree Traditions

None yet, but maybe some as my children grow older!

My Special Decorations

I purchased new decorations this year. None have a special meaning.

Creating Christmas Magic Today

It’s very magical now my daughter is four. We took her to see Santa and the Frozen princesses! She is super excited for Christmas now! We’ll leave Santa some cookies and milk on Christmas Eve along with a carrot for Rudolph!

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My Christmas Tree - Lylia Rose

Victoria of Lylia Rose
Hometown: Gloucester
An UK lifestyle blog about parenting, vegetarian, and natural beauty blog

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