My Christmas Tree: Lucy of Lucy Loves

My Christmas Tree - Lucy

Lucy of Lucy Loves is sharing with us her beautiful 2016 Christmas Tree. She put up her tree on November 12th this year and truly created tree filled with magical decorations. 

Real or Artificial Tree

Artificial as I put mine up so early I couldn’t do real!

My Christmas Tree Style

My tree is a lovely large bushy tree which is always themed around out lounge decor. This years theme is copper, grey and monochrome with a lot of geometric bauble designs.

My Tree Traditions

When we moved into our house 6 years ago at Christmas we bought a door with the year on, every year we buy a door with a year on and it gets hung on the tree with all he past years!

My Special Decorations

My Santa was my nans so always goes on (albeit at the back!) and the Cheshire Cat cut out is what we had hanging on our wish tree at our wedding for guests to write on- this was a spare blank one so also goes on every year!

Creating Christmas Magic Today

I love traditions, be it watching a film, having special hot chocolate, eating certain meals and lighting classy scented candles it doesn’t have to cost much!

If you enjoyed reading about Lucy’s Christmas Tree, why not head over to her blog to discover about her “My Christmas Break (2014)” or how to create homemade clay Christmas gift tags. Enjoyed reading about her Christmas  in the Victoria Quarter of Leeds

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