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Christina of LadyBug Home & Designs is sharing with us her Daughter’s Christmas tree. It is family tradition that there is main family tree but also each child gets a Christmas tree for their bedroom.

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Real or Artificial Tree

I love real Christmas trees. Growing up in Portland, Oregon (USA), we always went “tree hunting” at a local Christmas tree farm. We would meet our Grandparents and/or family friends at the tree farm and go looking for the perfect tree. There would be acres of trees of all different sizes and shapes. Until recently, the cost was $10 for any size tree (now $15 per tree). My siblings and I each got to have a Christmas Tree for our room so my father would end up cropping down 3 small trees and 1 large room for the living room. Since living in England, we have always had an artificial tree but I am hoping next year to get a real tree.

My Christmas Tree Style

My daughter’s Christmas tree is decorated with handmade felt ornaments. Her first Christmas was 2012 when she was 11 months old. That November when we visited my family in Oregon, my mother and I designed and made a set of felt ornaments. The last couple years, I have purchased additional felt ornaments from Heartfelt Handmade.

My Tree Traditions

I always start decorating the trees starting the weekend after Thanksgiving and take them down by January 6th. My mother-in-law expressed to me that it is bad luck to have the tree up past the 12th day from Christmas. The star is always the last item to be put on the tree.

My Special Decoration

The ornament on my daughter’s tree that has special meaning to be is the felt polar bear (made by Heartfelt Handmade). I was unexpectedly in the hospital on a sad Friday in November 2013 and I was looking through Facebook.  Marie of Heartfelt Handmade announced that she had added several Christmas items to her online shop. I instantly loved a polar bear that was for sale and purchased. It was a sad day but I knew that it would my daughter smile when I gave it to her.

Creating Christmas Magic Today

I think Christmas is a magical time of year. I love the magic of cuddling my children while sitting in a room only lit by the light from a Christmas tree. I love the excitement on Christmas Eve and the amazement on my children’s faces when they see the presents on Christmas Day. The magic of hot chocolate with marshmallows and laughter of family. I try to remember throughout the year how magical Christmas season and then try bring that happiness and festive cheer to other parts of the year.

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LH Xmas 1Christina of LadyBug Home & Designs
(Editor of Christmas Magic Today)
Hometown: Hertsfordshire, England & Portland, OR
American living in England with her British husband, 4 year old daughter and 1 year old son.

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