My Christmas Tree: Donna of What the Redhead Said

Donna of What the Redhead Said is sharing with us her beautiful 2015 Christmas Tree. She decorated this charming tree with her two children and husband. 

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Real or Artificial Tree

We had a real tree once when I was growing up and it was one in a pot as my Mum couldn’t bare the thought of it dying just to be our Christmas tree – so it was planted in the garden after Christmas.

When Hubby and I bought out first home together we had a real tree and it smelt and looked lovely but it made a mess with the needles everywhere and I hated seeing roads lined with dying Christmas trees after Christmas until the bin men had been. After that Christmas we only ever had artificial trees and a couple of years ago we invested in a pre-lit 8ft tree which has pride of place now each year. I won’t ever go back to a real tree and love that we now have a really easy but beautiful tree year after year.

My Christmas Tree Style

We have a white, red and silver theme that has been growing for years now. Each year I buy a few more decorations and I usually try and wrap presents to match too. For me, red, white and silver and just classic Christmas colours that go so well together. I also like more traditional decorations although we have an eclectic mix with some fairly quirky and more modern decorations too.

My Tree Traditions

Our only tradition really is getting new decorations each year or decorations from places we have been to that mean something. For example, this year we went to see Santa at Harrods for the first time and bought some decorations to commemorate the occasion. We also bought decorations when we were in Las Vegas on our last ‘before babies’ holiday that are still going strong!

We also put up the tree just Hubby and I once the children are in bed. I pass him the decorations and he puts them on. Then, in the morning the children get to see the tree in all it’s glory. It’s one of the best moments of December!

My Special Decorations

Our Coca Cola decorations from Las Vegas will always be special. They fitted our theme perfectly and Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the Coca Cola TV advert so we just had to buy them.

My current favourite decoration is a new one I got this year of a tea cup and saucer. It is the perfect decoration for me plus goes well with our theme. I’m hoping it will last for years!

Creating Christmas Magic Today

I start buying Christmas presents in the January sales so Christmas is always in the back of my mind. We don’t really start introducing Christmas to the children though until 1st December when our December box of books, movies and festive clothing comes out. We then build on this through December with festive activities, days out and finally our Christmas Eve boxes. Christmas Eve is one of my favourite days of the year and the icing on the cake is always leaving the mince pie out for Santa and carrot for Rudolph – I really love Christmas!

If you enjoyed reading about Donna’s Christmas Tree, why not head over to her blog to discover what she put in her December Box (2015) that was filled with festive items to keep the Christmas Magic everyday throughout December or read about this year’s Christmas Eve Box (2015). Also, there is nothing as special as a Festive Day in London.

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