How to Make Giant Christmas Cracker for Christmas Party Celebrations

What says Christmas more than a Christmas cracker? A giant one! One that is filled with fabulous stocking fillers and busting with festive cheer! And this one is super easy to make and will take you less than an hour to complete! This is a perfect activity to make during the school summer break as you can get the cracker complete to the filling stage and then store it away until the big day! The children will probably forget all about it too; resulting in a lovely surprise come Christmas.How to Make Giant Christmas Cracker

To Make You Will Need:

  • Sheets of card (I used four sheets of A4 but you could use opened up cereal boxes)
  • Two sheets of gorgeous wrapping paper
  • Clear tape
  • Ribbons
  • Decorative items (bows, star embellishments, glitter etc.)
  • Steamers
  • Confetti
  • Party hats
  • Chocolate coins
  • Prizes/Stocking filler gifts (Think pocket money toys, party bag fillers etc…)

Step One

Use the card to make two rather large tubes by attaching two of the sides together with tape. Remember to measure the opening to check your largest prize will fit into it.

Step Two

Lay both sheets of wrapping paper out and tape the shorter ends of each piece together to make one large piece.

Step Three

Lay the card tubes in the middle of the wrapping paper; leaving a gap between them. This is really important as it makes the Christmas cracker tear open easier when pulled! Tape the tubes in place and then roll the wrapping paper around them to make another long tube shape. Stick with tape to hold the wrap in place.

Step Four

Pull the paper at one end together so it bunches and can be tied with ribbon. This will be one end of the cracker. Tie tightly with ribbon. I used curling ribbon and then used the blunt part of my scissors to curl it.

Step Five

Holding the Christmas cracker carefully fill the open end with the streamers, confetti, party hats, chocolate coins and prizes. You could add party poppers or jokes too! Make sure the items are gentle pushed to the tied end, so that the cracker gets completely filled.

Step Six

Repeat “Step Four” with the open end of the cracker.

Large christmas party cracker for holiday parties and Christmas Tutorial

Step Seven

Decorate the outside with additional embellishments. I used little wooden stars. You could add more ribbon, tree decorations, holly, flowers or a Merry Christmas sign.
Then your Christmas cracker is ready to go! As there is no bang with this cracker it’s nice to get some people to let of party poppers as the children pull it! Or just think of it as a Christmas Piñata. Remember to make sure you have enough items for all the guests you are expecting.

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