Preparing for Christmas Advice in June – Recipe Organisation

I know, I know there are months to go until the big day! But there is always so much to do in November and December that sometimes it’s nice to get a few little jobs out of the way earlier on! I am planning to complete a few simple tasks this month to get me a little more organised and save me some time come the festive season. Less stress and more mulled wine is going to be my Christmas motto!

Preparing for Christmas in June with Recipe Organisation

Christmas Recipe Organisation

If you are anything like me you will have tons of magazines clippings, envelopes with recipes scribbled on and scraps of paper from family and friends with their favourite bakes noted down.  This month I am planning to go through all of these folders and poly pockets to sort and organise my Christmas recipes. When I need to start baking my Christmas cake I will know exactly where my recipe is and will not have to send ages digging through paperwork to find it!

There are lots of gorgeous recipe folders and storage boxes which are perfect for storing all your favourites. I have a little recipe box which means I can flick through my A to Z cards and find what I need quickly. For a filling system you could file all your Christmas recipes together under “C” or create a Christmas recipe folder which each recipe filed separately.

During this organisation process, you may wish to think about making a special Christmas Recipe book as a special gift. If you have photographs of some of your recipes you could use a photobook style or you could write out a special journal. I absolutely love this journal from Amazon (affiliate link) which would be a perfect gift for Nanna with all her favourite recipes written in.

Nan's Favourite Recipe Book

Good luck if you are joining me in this Christmas recipe organisation task in June! The worst part of it is that you really want to start baking your yummy Christmas recipes!

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