Meet the Team – Jade from Raising the Rings

Hi! I’m Jade, a West Norfolk mum to two boys and a self confessed Christmas junkie! I am thrilled to be part of the Christmas Magic Today team as it means I get to talk about all things Christmas year round (I think if my husband has to hear too much more about it I might be in for a divorce).

Jade Christmas Magic Today
Christmas to me is the absolute event of the year. Not only do I just love having decorations up everywhere but I am obsessed about spending time with family, making memories and really bringing the magic to the holiday season. We love getting crafty, cooking lots of Christmassy things and just generally getting in the spirit and I’m sure you’ll be seeing lots of that!
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A few facts about me: I’m an avid skier, tea drinker and white chocolate scoffer!
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Jade shares her advice for Christmas preparation and gift ideas over on Raising the Rings. Follow Jade on Instagram and Facebook where you can find out about her preparing for 2017 and highlights from Christmas in July 2017 events.

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